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Last Updated on 27th November 2023 at 1:09pm by Kuantan Ubi


  • Rates as at opening of business day.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.
UnitCurrencyWe BuyWe Sell
1US Dollar (50’s & 100’s)4.634.72
1Australian Dollar3.003.13
1Great Britian Pound5.765.91
1Singapore Dollar3.453.53
1New Zealand Dollar2.752.89
1Swiss Franc5.205.36
1Canadian Dollar3.343.49
100Thailand Bhat13.0013.50
100Chinese RMB64.0065.95
100Hong Kong Dollar59.3060.80
100New Taiwan Dollar14.5015.10
100Indian Rupees5.405.90
100Philippine Peso8.108.70
100Saudi Arabia Riyal1.211.28
100Arab Emirates Dirham1.241.30
1000Japanese Yen31.0031.85
1000Korean Won35.5036.40
1MIndonesian Rupiah295.00310.00
1MVietnam Dong188.0198.00


Please call to enquire rate for other currencies not listed above.
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